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Starcraft 2 betting

Starcraft 2 is the sequel to the incredibly popular RTS (real time strategy) game Star craft: Brood War. Starcraft is by many considered the first esport game, a lot thanks to its enormous popularity in South Korea where the game is often referred to as the county's national sport. Startcraft 2 was released the 27:th of July 2010 and with the game, Starcraft 2 betting was born.

Starcraft 2 betting is the phenomena of betting real money on professional Starcraft 2 games at established sportsbooks. Due to Starcraft 2's popularity, betting on the game is available on almost all of the big sportsbooks. The best sportsbooks for Starcraft 2 betting - based on odds, game coverage and welcome bonuses are GGbet, Arcanebet and Betway. We recommend you create an account on either of these for a great betting experience.

Before you jump straight into betting on Starcraft 2 we recommend that you read through all the information and advice further down on the page to maximise your chances of succeeding. It is also important to remember that all types of betting come with a risk and there are no guarantees of winning.

Starcraft 2 betting sites

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Starcraft 2 betting tips

Starcraft 2 has been played professionally for seven years and is on its third expansion (Legacy of the Void) which means there is plenty of information you can use to take well informed decisions about how you should place your bets. By taking your time and researching players thoroughly you can give yourself that extra edge that can make the difference between a successful or failed bet.

Before every game, we recommend that you think about your decisions carefully and do your research about the four following points:

  • The players win rate against the opponent’s race

    There are three races in Starcraft 2; Zerg, Terran and Protoss, each one with their own set of units, buildings and playstyles.

    It’s extremely rare that professional Starcraft 2 players play more than one race on the required level to compete on the highest level. Instead, players specialize on one race. Since the different races have different play styles it simply makes more sense to focus on mastering one. 

    If you’re going to bet that a Terran player will beat a Zerg player, you should not only look into the player in questions overall performance, but also his win rate versus Zerg. Even if a player has a win rate of 70 % it doesn’t mean that he wins against Zerg 70 % of all times, he might be exceptionally skilled versus Protoss but struggle against Zerg for example.

    To find information and stats about their players as well as their win-rate against different races we recommend you to check out Liquipedia.

  • Online/offline format

    If a tournament is played online (both players sitting at home) or offline (when the game is played live in front of a crowd) can have a large impact on how players perform. Some players prefer online tournaments whereas some thrive in front of the cameras and the crowd.

    To find out if a game is being played on- or offline, all you have to do is look up the format of the tournament.

  • Earlier encounters between the two players

    Always investigate how the earlier encounters have ended between the players. Just as players might have a hard time against certain races, some also tend to struggle against certain players. You can also take this research a step further and examine if any of the players seem to have the upper hand in offline or online games. When doing this it’s important to also look at what patch the games were played in, it might be that one player’s race got nerfed or buffed since then.

  • The players´ forms

    All professional esport players have slumps and Starcraft 2 players are no exception.

    Sometimes it has to do with personal circumstances, other times they haven’t adjusted to the latest patch which created a new meta. Regardless of the reason, it should not be overlooked; recent results often reflect how the players will perform in the upcoming games or tournaments.

    If a player is in a slump and the odds have not adjusted to compensate for the riskier bet, you might want to think again about your bet and not let what you hope will happen get the better of you. What you want to look for is a player who is clearly in form with generous odds.



You will find the best odds for Starcraft 2 betting at the esport-dedicated sportsbook Arcanebet. Since starcraft isn’t as popular as it was during its peak a couple of years ago, a lot of the traditional sportsbooks have decided not to include the game in their offering.

There is no doubt that Starcraft 2 is still played by many and viewed by a lot of people and even though the price pools are not as large as they are in popular titles such as League of Legends or Counter Strike: Global Offensive, there is still immense competition on the scene. Other sites that offer great odds for Starcraft 2 are GGbet and EGB, two sportsbooks that are also completely focused on Esport betting and that have great platforms.


Starctaft 2, which is now on its third and final expansion; Legacy of the Void, is a so called RTS-game which stands for real time strategy. An RTS-game can be described as a game where a player controls several units in a tactical manner with the ultimate objective to destroy the opponents base. In general, RTS-games are played 1vs1 which is the case for Starcraft 2.

In Starcraft 2, each player starts the game with a base and twelve workers. The workers are used to gather minerals and gas that are then used to construct buildings where the player can recruit different units.

The concept of the game is quite simple and easy to understand but Starcraft 2 is without a doubt one of the most demanding games within esports. To be a successful player you will need exceptional multitasking capabilities, quick reflexes and stamina. Even though the games usually only last for about 11-13 minutes, these minutes are (arguably) more intense than in any other game and each second counts. In this brief time a player needs to build a base, sustain his or her economy while disturbing (called harassing) the opponents efforts to do the same – all at the same time.

A metric that you will run into a lot when looking at Starcraft 2 games is APM which stands for Actions Per Minute which is used to measure how many actions each player makes every minute and indicates the degree to which the player is multitasking. Even though the metric is very popular in evaluating a players quality we don’t recommend that you put too much weight on it, there are plenty of other qualities that make for a good player. When evaluating if a player is good enough to bet on, you should instead look at his or her game sense, stress management, stamina and experience in big games.

We at wish you good luck in your betting efforts and encourage you to play responsibly.