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CSGO jackpot

If you're sitting on a big stack of CSGO skins or simply just want to take the risk and build up your inventory with more, CSGO jackpot can more then double your amount of skins very quickly. Jackpot, along with csgo betting, is one of the most popular types of csgo gambling alternatives. Unlike traditional odds betting, CSGO jackpot is more a form of skin betting, where you exchange your skins into a common winning pot and the winner takes it all.

Avoid unreliable jackpot sites

We recommend that you keep and eye out to avoid creating a game account on just any website since there are several unreliable platforms where players have lost their winnings. To make it easier for you to find serious sites, we have collected those websites that we consider deliver the best platforms and bonuses offers for CSGO jackpot!

CSGO jackpot sites

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Low bet sites

If you don't have so much skins it will probably be difficult or at least a challenge to get going with CSGO jackpot. This is because may websites often require a minimum bet on around $100 worth of skins.

This may seem like a lot for those who have little or no skins in there inventory or just don't want to play for such large volumes. However, if you want to test your CSGO jackpot luck, we recommend that you check the game platforms listed above, some of them also offers the opportunity to play for lower bets.


The game rules for CSGO jackpot are relatively simple due to it's simple layout and rules. To participate in a jackpot round, you first need to exchange one or more skins from your steam account inventory to be able to  participate. When you exchange skins you will get so-called tickets that you can use to participate in a jackpot round.

You decide over how many skins you exchange, if you happen to have a high-value skin it can be enough with 1, in the end, it's not a about how many skins you deposit but instead how many tickets you get for the skins that you exchange.

So, What are tickets?

For each cent of your skins worth you will be awarded 1 ticket. So the total value of your skin results in how many tickets you will be awarded. The value of the skins is determined and collected from the steam analyst website. To participate in a jackpot round, you have to deposit tickets worth around $ 100, (this may vary between different game websites).

When you deposit your skins and enter a jackpot round, you will get an estimated winning chance based on how much of the total pot you have deposited. If the total pot is on 1000 tickets and you have put in a total of 500 tickets then you have a 50% winning chance.

csgo jackpot


Before we go into what strategies exist for CSGO jackpot, we want to emphasize that at the end of the day this is a game based on a large proportion of luck. There are ways to try to improve their odds to increase winning chances but remember to never play for more than you're okay loosing.

Unlike, for example CSGO roulette that has quite little room for strategies, CSGO jackpot has more because your not only playing against "the house" but also against other players.

pot sniping

Pot Sniping

One tactic and strategy that is most commonly used and most recognized in CSGO jackpot is probably pot sniping.

This tactic is based on the fact that you join in the last seconds before it's about to finish with a big enough bet that will get you good enough odds to win the whole thing. The goal of pot sniping is to deposit so much that you get at least 50% or higher in profit margin just before the round about to finish so the other players won't have time to respond.


To achieve success with pot sniping, you should make sure to stick to websites that have relatively many players in order to avoid sharks.

Smaller or new started betting sites that haven't established any bigger betting crowd often have very few players, and those who play are usually experienced players who are also looking for sniping jackpots as well.

Be observant of how other players behave, try to read their game patterns, how much they bet and how often they play, etc. This allows you to decide on your chances before joining. Also, try to keep a low profile since you don't want to draw too much attention as this can make people wanna avoid playing against you.

The negative with pot sniping

Your winning chances increase the bigger your bet,  but this also means you have more to lose. Sometimes it can be a good to bet small but consistent to be able to win big in the long run.

Another consequence with pot sniping may be that players stop playing against you after you been using this tactic, which is not fun if you enjoy CSGO jackpot gambling.

Crazy CSGO jackpot wins

If you're not ready to get started and play with your own skins you can kick back and find entertainment on Youtube where players showcase unlikely wins and dramatic losses.

Watching videos can also be a great way to learn more about how the game works, learn some tactics and how to play without sacrificing your own skins during the learning process.

In the video you'll see 5 of the most unlikely winnings in CSGO jackpot. The winnings are unbelievable because of its low odds, which also leads to a very big profit.