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Dota 2 betting

Dota 2 is one of the most popular games in e-sports, both in terms of viewership, prize pools, established e-sports teams, and of course e-sports betting. Each year we see a plethora of big tournaments where you can bet on many different aspects of the games, even as they are being played.

Dota 2 has quickly grown to be one of the three greatest games to bet on, joining CS GO and League of Legends in this grand trio. Pretty much every betting company has Dota 2 betting, and the odds are often quite profitable. However, there are many tactical aspects in Dota 2, which can make it difficult for those who lack experience to make the right call. Further down on this page we have written explanations of key concepts and advice to help you succeed when betting on Dota 2.

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Dota 2 betting tips

Naturally, everyone have their own way of thinking and their own tricks when it comes to betting on Dota 2. However, there are some parts of the game you should pay extra attention to in order to give yourself the best possible starting point. The more knowledge you have about the game, the better your ability will be to predict match results.

This of course can be applied to all e-sports, but Dota 2 has tactical elements and decisions that make it extra important to have great knowledge about the game. If you understand the tactical aspects of the game, you will have a great advantage in Dota 2 betting.

Below you will find other great tips and tricks that can help you when betting.

Team draft (Picking heroes)

The drafting process in Dota 2 consists of two teams picking the heroes they are going to use in the game. This process of choosing heroes is called a draft.

Everyone who has played or is playing Dota 2 know from experience that some heroes are great counters to other heroes. After a draft, you can usually see the team that on paper has an advantage based on the heroes they drafted. This is obviously just one piece of a big puzzle, but it is still an important part of the game that lays the foundation for being successful long term in Dota 2 betting.

It is usually the team captain that manages the draft for the team. It is also the captain that creates the tactics for the game. By studying the team captains and how they usually draft, you can often paint a rather clear picture in your head regarding which heroes the different teams will end up drafting. You can use this knowledge to decide which team you believe will win, and if you bet early on in a game you can get better odds. Of course, you can also wait until after the draft to place your bet.

Previous head to head meetings

Study how previous head to head meetings have gone. It is important to note if the game was played "live" or not, meaning if it was played in front of a live audience or not.

Offline means that the players play from their home. Some might be skeptical about this, but it actually matters a lot for many teams if they play live or not.

Many teams are not comfortable playing live in front of thousands of spectators and constantly being in the spotlight. Keeping up to date about changes in game balance for Dota 2 can also give you insights regarding heroes getting nerfed or buffed.

Check the updates to see which heroes are affected and in turn if this might influence how some teams will draft to find strengths/weaknesses.

Is one of the teams using a stand-in?

A stand-in is a replacement player who is not a regular part of the team. Despite teams being able to choose their stand-in, it almost always results in the team performing worse than with the regular lineup. If you are up to date with information regarding team health, you can often place your bet before betting companies have time to adjust their odds.

Team form

Daily form will always be a great indicator for team performance, especially when it comes to Dota 2. There are often reasons why teams have a good stretch of games. Some teams perform very well during a period of time after a game update if they are quick to adjust to the update while some get a spike in performance due to teamwork and team dynamics, something that is also very important to performance.

Dota 2 tournaments

Each year multiple big e-sports tournaments are hosted for Dota 2, attracting millions of viewers. For us at, these tournaments are the highlights of the year - not just because they are entertaining but also because of the possibilities for Dota 2 betting. We recommend to research team form and play styles before the start of a big tournament. This will allow you to have a great start to place early bets on group results, individual matches, and of course, on the team that will win the whole thing.

Some of the biggest tournaments in Dota 2 are:

  • The international – $20,770,640
  • The Boston Major - $3,000,000
  • Asia Championships – TBD
  • Kiev Major - $3,000,000
  • SL i-League Starseries S3 - $300,000
  • Dotapit League - $125,000
  • WESG - $1,500,000
  • ESL One - $250,000
  • ROG Masters - $100,000

To see the entire list of Dota 2 tournaments for 2020 and previous years, we recommend that you check out the Liquipedia.


Each month 500 000 - 600 000 people play Dota 2.

Peak player count: 1 291 328 concurrent players, which happened in March 2016.

Dota 2 live betting

Dota 2 live betting is a very popular alternative, and there is no shortage of available options for it. When you bet live on Dota 2 you get to use all your knowledge to the max. All previous tips and tricks, like analyzing how teams draft, potential stand-ins, and form can also be applied to live betting.

You can place your bets on many different variations at (usually) great odds. The most important information to use when live betting is how teams draft, as that is an aspect that will influence how the game is played the most. You will find the most common opportunities for Dota 2 live betting further below.

Dota 2 livebets to seek out

  • First blood

    Betting on First Blood means that you bet on which team will kill an opposing hero first. When assessing this, you should keep in mind how aggressively different teams play, but your main focus should be on the lineup, meaning the heroes they picked. This will have the greatest impact on First Blood.

    To keep it simple - if one of the teams has a really aggressive draft while the other has a very passive draft, it is often very easy to predict which team will get "First Blood". However, you can also try to predict how the various heroes will spread out on the map and how they will be able to work together. Compare hero combinations and how the teams can counter each other in greater "team fights". Betting on First Blood is an art form, but it is a reliable bet for the experienced player.

  • The first Roshan

    If you are betting on the team that will kill the first Roshan, there are a couple of aspects to keep in mind. First and foremost, you should check to see if one of the teams have picked on or more heroes that are efficient at killing Roshan. Ursa is an example of a hero that easily can take on Roshan solo after just 5-6 minutes into the game, depending on start location. Other heroes that can kill Roshan early on are Slardar, Troll Warlord, and Lycan. There are obviously more that can do it, but they are not usually picked in the professional scene, so the above heroes are the ones you will most commonly see killing Roshan.

    Something to keep in mind before wagering your money is which team is most likely to have a good early game economy. If one of the teams pick heroes that are great for the early game, they will almost always have an advantage when it comes to killing Roshan, as they can dominate the map and set the tempo for the game.

Team to take down the first tower

Again, analyze the draft. First and foremost, check to see if heroes who are strong pushers in the early game are picked. Some of the obvious picks: Nature's Prophet, Chen, Enigma, Lycan, and Jakiro. You should think about how the teams will play based on their choice of heroes. A team that groups up and pushes together are also the ones who most commonly take down the first tower.

Livebets to avoid

Even/uneven number of kills 

This is the kind of bet we believe is a complete lottery. If you feel hot it might be fun to throw in a bet on this, but the odds will never be in your favour. Instead, the odds are in the betting companies' favour as you will not get 2x of your money back on your bet even though it is a 50/50. We recommend to not stray from the alternatives that are profitable in the long term and where your knowledge of the game helps you make better decisions.

Best Dota 2 odds

ebg bäst dota 2 bonusYou find the best odds for Dota 2 betting at EGB's live section. EGB is also the betting company with the most number of variations to bet on, and they usually keep the games open for bets longer than other companies. If you want to find the best odds for Dota 2 betting you want to place your bets early on as the best odds are always given before the game starts. Do your research ahead of time, and be thorough.

How do you play Dota 2?

Playing Dota 2 is like playing chess - it takes a couple of hours to learn but a lifetime to master. Instead of creating in-depth guides describing the best tactics and all the ins and outs of the game, we will give you the basics to understand this amazing game.

Each team consists of five players, starting at the opposite end of the map from each other. The teams are called Radiant and Dire. The map consists of three lanes; one on the bottom, one in the middle and one on the top as you can see in the image. In each lane, the teams have three towers that must be destroyed before you can destroy the opposing team's main building, called "Radiant's/Dire's Ancient". Despite the focus on killing the opposing heroes (which of course helps), in the end the game is all about destroying the other team's buildings. 

Every thirty seconds, so called creeps are sent out. When killed, they give gold to the hero killing them (if you kill them with the last hit). The gold can then be used to buy items, making your hero stronger. If you are in the mood for some Dota 2 betting, we recommend that you at least try to play the game. A basic understanding of the game will help you tremendously when betting on Dota 2.