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CSGO gambling

You have probably noticed that CSGO gambling has become very popular lately. If you're not familiar with the term CSGO gambling it may be because your more used to it's other closely related terms like CSGO betting, roulette or jackpot.

CSGO gambling is a collective noun for different styles of gambling that are related to the game Counter Strike Global Offensive. The common denominator amongst all different gambling styles is that the player has a chance of winning game-skins or money through gambling.

Different styles of CSGO gambling:

  1. Betting
  2. Roulette
  3. Jackpot
  4. Crash
  5. Dice
  6. Coin flip

Which gambling site is the best?

If you have been keeping an eye on csgo gambling you probably know that new websites are showing up all the time. Most websites offer several different gambling styles, but the most common one for csgo gambling is roulette.

The most important thing to consider when choosing betting site is to make sure that the site is professional and is running an legal operation. Creating an account is always free so if you are interested in csgo gambling, we recommend that you create an account at one of the more recommended websites in the list below.

CSGO gambling sites

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CSGO gambling styles

CSGO gambling can be played in many different ways, some game styles are more popular than others. Recently, gambling styles like betting, roulette and jackpot have become incredibly common for CSGO. We at Fragbetting.com will go through all styles available for CSGO gambling in the list below to make your choice easier.


CSGO betting is the option that belongs to the classic form of gambling, like odds betting. This style is based on that the player bet money or game-skins on the outcome of game results between two teams.

This game style can also be reffered as CSGO match betting to clarify that it is about bet on match result within esport betting and not on roulette or jackpot. Within CSGO betting there is also several different types of game styles and alternatives, for example: you can choose to bet on which team wins the first card, who wins the first pistol round or which team wins the entire match and much more.

Do you want to try it out? Check out the best CSGO betting sites.


CSGO roulette is the most common type of gambling style for CSGO and it uses the same basic principle as in classic roulette without the option of betting on unique numbers. So what remains is the option to bet on colors (red and black), some websites also include green or gold color as an option for number 0.

The styles of csgo roulette available for betting varies from different websites. There are different styles of normal roulette that gambling portals copies their versions from, these styles may vary between French, American and European roulette.

Betting money or skins on CSGO roulette comes downs to luck, you can compare the game by coin flipping, where it either becomes 1 out of 2 options.

Are there any CSGO roulette strategies?

There are some videos that go through different tips and tricks that you can use to increase your odds.

These tips often tend to be about looking for patterns and keeping track of previous results to help figure out the odds and which color has the greatest chance.

This strategy is relatively long-sought since every new round is completely independent of the previous round. Logically, it may seems that the odds are lower for it to be red the 7th time in a row, but the chance is still the same for each new round despite the history.


CSGO jackpot is another popular game style within CSGO gambling. There is a website that also goes under the name but it is not the website itself, but instead the game style CSGO jackpot we are talking about here.

How to play

The most common way jackpot is played is to have multiple players deposit skins in exchange for coins / money that later is going to be gathered in a virtual bundle or stack.

Your chances of winning everything in the stack depends on how much of your bet is compared to the overall sum. If you for example bet skins or coins in value of 50 coins and there are a total of 500 coins in the stack you will have 10% chance of winning, if you were to go in with 450/500 you would have 90% chance of winning.

Tips for success within CSGO jackpot

Make sure that your skins have good or decent value and will contribute to a significant profit. Never play for more than you can afford to lose.


CSGO crash goes hand in hand with coin flip as one of the least popular styles of CSGO gambling. This is much due to it's big risk, but at the same time this also means that it can lead to bigger profits if you are lucky! 

How does it work? 

Initially, you need to have money or "coins" on the website that you are going to play on. Coins can come from selling skins or depositing real money that later are converted into coins. 

Once you have money to play for, you can get started. After placing a bet, you will see the number increase from 0, and at any time the game can crash.

You will win if the game crashes after your predicted number. The winnings amount depends on at what time you got out from the game, the later you get out the bigger profit.


CSGO dice is what it sounds like, a game of dices, even though the game computerized, so real dices are rarely used as simulation.

The game is based on choosing odds and guessing what you think the result will be. On some pages you can add a so-called multiplier to make the game extra exciting. Dice gambling often requires an deposit of money or skins that get's converted into coins to be able to play. If you win, you can choose to replace coins in exchange of skins, and in some rare cases you can make a withdrawal for real money.


CSGO coinflip belongs to one of the simplest and perhaps least popular types of CSGO gamling. Valve has previously been banning players under 18 years who have played casino related gambling styles like coin flip.

After that valve had banned players some large websites that previously offered this gambling method had to shut down. Most website that did were active on the US market where CSGO gambling is prohibited.

Different types of coin flips

There are two different ways to play, the first option is to exchange your skins in return for coins or emeralds. With the other game option, you instead deposit skins directly to the next coin flip round. The minimum skin value in these cases is around $10 to be able to play.

How SkinPay works

Skinpay is still relatively new and has emerged as a reaction to the high demand on skins and skin betting. Exchanging skins between friends has long been common but now several websites within CSGO gambling have begun offering SkinPay as a form of payment.

This means that skins function as a currency, each skin has it's own value and skins can be exchanged to real money. So if have a a lot of skins, you can exchange these at different gambling websites to test your luck with on CSGO gambling.

Read more about SkinPay here or check out Arcanebet which is our recommend site for SkinPay deposits .