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Heroes of the Storm betting

Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is Blizzard's own Moba game and has since it's launch in June 2, 2015 grown fast in both the number of players and viewers. This has been acknowledged by several e-sport sites and igaming companies. They have responded to the demand of viewers, and most now offer Heroes of the Storm betting.

Set to the other Moba-games that are popular within e-sports betting, Heroes of the Storm differs in many ways, and Blizzard actually calls the game a team brawler game because of the many clashes between the teams, making it very entertaining to to play, watch and bet on.

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Facts about HOTS

The game was launched in 2015 after the game company Blizzard decided to challenge Riot (League of Legends) and Valve (Dota 2). These two companies are giants within there genre, but when looking at the age difference between the games, they have managed very well.

If your interested to read more about esport betting for these two competing games, check out our guide here

Although HotS was not considered to have the same esport potential as it's competitors. Blizzard managed to turn the critique around by constantly launching new heroes and thinking outside the box within the moba scene. They launched many different maps and innovated new game modes. It's much due to the new game modes that betting within Heroes of the Storm become so big as it allows for broader analyzes of the game that can ultimately pay off well to the one who is researched.

Heroes of the Storm betting tips

Betting on Heroes of the Storm comes with many challenges and have been considered to be a difficult game to predict because of its high pace. This could be due to the innovating new game modes compared to its competitors, many people see problems - we see opportunities.

It's all the tactical elements that helps to outsmart the odds. Before we start get you going, we thought it's good that you know what game options we favor and what you should know about at Heroes of the Storm betting before you start off.

We will often refer to the fact that you should do your homework when it comes to the rules of the game, something you can find at Gamepedia.

Which maps are respective teams good at?

In Heroes of the Storm there are a total of 12 maps, all with different game modes and objectives that demand different tactics. Maps objectives ranging from collecting coins from coffins and neutral monsters, then submitting them to bomb the opponent's base on the map, controlling the towers and/or unlocking a Dragon Knight that effectively destroys the other teams base.

Once you have a look at all the different maps, it's time to find out which team is the best on each map and which has the largest map pool (if any team is strong on many maps instead of individual maps).

In HotS betting, it's always preferable to bet on the team that are strong within many maps instead of a team that is really good at any a few certain maps. This is because the most common format is best of three and the different teams may exclude a number of maps before the match starts. The teams favorite maps will be guaranteed to be banned by the opponents.

Draft and hero pool

Just like in Dota 2 and League of Legends, it's hard to emphasize enough how important the draft is to predict the outcome of the game, this also goes for Heroes of the Storm. By looking through the draft (and then quickly betting before closing), you can increase your chances significantly. By doing it this way you take a few more valuble well informed decisions.

However, something that is often overlooked in the Heroes of the Storm betting is how big the hero pool skill sets are in various teams. This means how many heroes the players in the team are good at.

If a player is the best in the world on a certain hero is of course a huge advantage - but not if the hero is banned every time. Being skilled on many different heroes facilitates both the draft for teams and enables more tactics and strategies, which is a huge advantage and something that should not be forgotten or underestimated.

Game and result history between teams

The team's previous battles and results with other teams are also something that should always be investigated before you place your bet. As always within esport, some teams simply have difficulty for certain competitors, even though they are statistically better teamed. Check out which maps were played when the team met and try to find a pattern.


What format is played is important, it's best of 1, 3 or 5 matches? The most common format is best of three matches, but this often differs. In the early stage for a esport tournament it's not uncommon for teams to meet only at the best of 1 in for the group games. This is something that always favors the worse teams, for example, a team can apply an unexpected tactic that may only work once and with some luck, also beat even the best teams - something that does not happen nearby as often in longer series. This means that you can often bet more aggressively in the best of 1 format at very favorable odds.

Watch a lot of games!

Simply watching HotS games can be the simplest, but also one of the best tips we can give. If you do not look at the games, you simply will not learn - neither the game style nor the heroes' strengths and weaknesses in the professional scene, which differ greatly from how HotS is played at a less professional level.

HOTS tournaments

Despite the fact that HotS is a new game, its popularity has already led to many tournaments, big prize pools and high audience scores for organized events each year. Most of the games take place in Asia, where it has become particularly popular and where many of the best teams are. But there are also a some teams playing on European territory where the game been picked up by major tournament organizers. Listed below are the Heroes of the Storm tournaments that have and will be held in 2017/2018.

To see the full list of all Heroes of the Storm tournaments that have been played in recent years, we recommend that you look at

Tournament Date Price pool Winner

2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship

Phase #1 Western Clash

Mars 03-05 $100,00 Dignitas

2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship

Phase #1 Eastern Clash

Mars 17-19 $100,000 MVP.B

2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship

Phase #1 North America Pro League

January 20 - May 13  $425,000 Tempo Storm

2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship

Phase #1 Europe Pro League

January 20 - May 13 $425,000 Fnatic

2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship

Phase #1 South Korea Pro League

January 20 - May 13  $425,000 L5
Gold Series Heroes League 2017 - Spring April 3 - May 16 $173,968 CE

HotS Betting alternatives

Below we list the various game options that are offered by most betting sites. We also share what we consider worth playing, that is, games with good ROI. We like the betting options that benefit the player who can play the game and really does the homework because these are the options that can generate long-term earnings, if you got skills.

game alternativs we like

  • 1x2

    Betting on predicted winning team is always a good format that benefits the ones who do their homework.

    Usually it's just a matter of knowing which of the teams will win, but sometimes the team only plays 2 games, which makes it possible for the third option, that is, x. No matter what, this is one of the better game options for HotS betting.

  • First blood

    To bet your money on which of the teams will mange to draw first blood before watching the team's hero picks and drafts is usually just a game of chance. There are of course some teams known for their aggressiveness, which may be a good idea if you have a good sense of feel for it but overall this is not at method that will make you profit in the long run, and not the best management of your bankroll. Instead, take the time to look through the drafts and make more informed decisions before you bet your money, but make to bet fast so the game can not be closed.

  • Right result

    This is a game option we like to call 1x2 on steroids. If you feel that you are fully aware of the game rules and their forms, this is a great way to raise the odds further.

    Instead of being content with the slightly lower odds that 1x2 can give (although it is certainly a safer game), one can often do more than double the odds by looking at the right outcome.

Game alternativs we avoid

  • Even / uneven number kills

    If you feel stubborn or bored, it's always entertaining to bet on even or uneven numbers of kills in a match. But you should be aware that it more about making the match in more interesting to watch - and not making money - because there's nothing you can control or affect in this betting option.

  • Number of maps team number A (or B) will win

    We think that if you are well aware that you can count on how many maps a team will win then there are better options to play on to push the odds further. The right result is a perfect example of a similar game style, but that gives much better odds.

Best HotS betting odds

For best HotS betting odds we recommend which also has by far the widest range when it comes to the amount of betting options and games. Another big advantage of choosing GGbet is their extremely generous welcome bonus where they match your first deposit 100%.

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How to play Heroes of the storm

Heroes of the Storm are played 5 vs 5 and are like all other moba-games objective-based, but still stands out a bit as it is also classed as a team brawler game. The reason why it's also called team brawler game is because of the constant action with many team fighters which gives the game a very high pace. This also make it very entertaining to watch, play and bet on.

Unlike in League of Legends and Dota 2 where all heroes earn individual experience points, everything goes to the team in HotS. This effect makes if much harder if even possible for an individual hero to jump ahead from everyone else if it a good start is given. This also puts even more emphasis on team play and team tactics.

When teams levels up, they unlock new upgrades to their existing abilities and at level 10 they unlock their ultimate abilities that later can then be improved at level 20. HotS battles are heavily leaning in favor for the team who succeeds in reaching level 10 first. This also brings advantage and a momentum that if used in best possible way, provides a proper lead for the rest of the game.

Another big difference between HotS and other moba-games is that it does not give any gold when killing monsters and that it is not possible to buy any items. This is also one of the reasons that there is much more movement all over the maps because heroes don't fall behind if they don't kill the monsters.


There are four different types of heroes in HotS that all feature different features:

- Support

The support hero's task is to keep his teammates alive by controlling the opponents heroes with stunning and other abilities.

- Assasin

Assassins are moving heroes who specialize in killing opponents heroes. They make the most damage compared to all other heroes of all classes, they also often make very quick damage which makes it difficult for opponent team to react and adapt for.

- Tank

Tanks are the toughest heroes of HotS designed to receive the team's bangs and damage in order to keep them alive. This is done by staying in the front line to make it difficult for the opponents to access the weaker heroes like the support and assassin heroes. They don't do as much damage as other heroes, but they can not be ignored as they can score a kill if they have some longer time.

- Specialist

Specialist heroes are used primarily to destroy the opponents bases and to kill monsters. They can also push out a lot of damage in a team fight. There is usually not more then one  specialist within a team, but there are of course tailor-made tactics where more - or fewer - can be used.

There are many different appearances (skins) that can be unlocked for the different heroes. They have no impact on how strong the heroes are but can add some extra touch which is something appreciated in other games, including CS GO where skin betting actually grown to be a major part of CS GO betting.