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League of Legends betting

League of Legends was released in 2009 and was built around the success of Dota while adding its own unique gameplay, different graphics, and faster pace. It is an understatement to call the game a success, as it is currently the most popular game when looking at viewership numbers for the e-sports scene as a whole. It is no surprise that betting on League of Legends is also at the forefront. Pretty much all betting companies offer League of Legends betting in their range of services, and there are usually several lucrative options to choose from.

There are many important aspects to consider when betting on League of Legends, and we will talk about some of them on this page. For instance, we are going to talk about how and what you should think about before placing a bet, the big tournaments, and where to go for useful information when you want to turn League of Legends betting to something that is more than a game of chance.

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League of Legends betting TIPS

For those who are new to League of Legends, it might be difficult to keep up with the fast pace, making it rather hopeless to know how to place your bets. Fortunately, the game does get easier and easier to understand the more you play and watch.

This has the funny effect of making it feel like the game is moving slower and in the end, you will be able understand everything that is going on, even being able to observe who is playing like a team - and who isn't. This is what it takes to succeed in League of Legends betting. You need to watch and analyze in order to make informed decisions and to know when the odds are just right. Apart from watching and playing the game, we have a couple more tips we would like to share.

Team form

As a direct result of how big League of Legends has become in the e-sports scene, there are plenty of resources to use for information about previous head to head meetings and results. A great site we use to keep track of results in tournaments is, a site that is always up to date and filled with information.

After looking at previous meetings you might not be able to identify a clear advantage for either of the teams. If that is the case, we recommend that you also check the latest results against other teams, and compare form. Team form is always changing in e-sports, and no team is ever allowed to be on top for too long. The teams who are performing best and win the most always get studied by other teams and their coaches. This is also important to keep in mind when you plan to bet before a big tournament starts.

The draft (picking heroes)

When comparing League of Legends to other MOBA games, League of Legends has the far most heroes to choose from, making the team draft extra important to analyze.

Picking heroes is not only crucial to how the game will play out, it also influences all other bets you can place on the match. Betting alternatives like First Blood and team to take down the first tower are both heavily influenced by the draft, and they are very lucrative bets for people who understand both the draft and how the draft can influence how the match is played out. Something to also consider is that studio experts during the live stream often give their take on how the game will end based on the draft and what they know about the teams. Listening to what they say is often a good idea, but you shouldn't be too influenced by it - it is just as important to do your own research and use your gut feeling. In the end, it is your money that is on the line.

Compare players, lane by lane

It is quite rare that players deviate from the lanes they usually play, which means that is possible to compare players for each position to create a probable scenario for how the game plays out. The most common lineup in the current meta is that teams use 1 player in the middle lane, 1 in the top lane, 1 in jungle, and 2 in the bottom lane. If you are well versed in the scene, you can compare the different positions and thus gain an advantage if you for instance know that one of the teams is more skilled in mid than the opposition. If one player can crush his opponent, it can often create a snowball effect, creating a situation where one player can take over the entire game.

Ask streamers!

An easy trick very few people use is to ask pro players what they think about a certain match up. There are few people who are more versed in teams and form than other pro players, as they often have insider information from exhibition games. However, it can be difficult to get pro players to answer your questions in the stream chat, so we recommend that you either subscribe to their channel or send the player a message when donating a sum of money to get them to answer your questions. A donation sum is often just $1-3, and considering how much you have to gain from good advice, it can be viewed as a good investment.


In 2014, League of Legends had 67 million players each month.
It is not certain how many are playing right now, but it is thought to be around 100 million.

Bet live on League of Legends

Betting before a game starts is a good way to make some money and to make games more interesting. However, according to us at, there are few betting alternatives that give the same returns (apart from combo bets) and that create as much excitement as live betting.

Pretty much all betting companies offer live betting to some extent, but the best in our opinion are Bet365 and EGB. The advantage with Bet365 is that they offer great support, tax free wins, and you can feel safe when using a betting company that has a long history of reliable services. The best thing about EGB is their enormous $600 welcome bonus, and the fact that they have chosen to specialize in live betting, enabling them to have the greatest range of betting options. Their support is not as great as Bet365 and wins are not tax free as the company is not located in EU.

League of Legends betting alternatives

Choosing the betting alternative you want to wager your money on is a big part of managing your bankroll properly. League of Legends betting has come a long way, and there are now plenty of options. However, how profitable they are long-term varies heavily. At, we prefer betting alternatives where you need to use some thought. If you want a pure 50/50 gamble, there is always roulette. Below, we have listed the betting alternatives we prefer, and the ones we try to stay away from when betting on League of Legends.

League of Legends betting alternatives to seek out

  • The First Tower

    Betting on team to take down the first tower is one of our betting favorites. When going for this bet, there are a couple of aspects to keep in mind, and you can make great use of your knowledge about the game, the teams, and all other homework you have done. According to us, the most important thing is to look at the draft, and more specifically if the teams have a lineup that can push or if they have a lineup that is the strongest in the early game, allowing them to take control of early parts of the game. The play styles of the teams also matter; some teams like to fight while other teams prefer to spread out on the map and go for it when the opportunity presents itself.

  • 1X2

    You can usually only bet on 1 or 2, but this is still one of the best betting alternatives. What we like the most is that you can combine this with other matches to increase your odds further, rewarding the knowledgeable player.

    It is also a lot more fun to watch games when something is on the line until the very end, and if things aren't going well you can always root for a comeback.

  • First Blood

    Betting on First Blood is our definite favorite among live bets. The most important part is to pay attention during the draft to see if one of the teams is a clear winner of the draft. After the draft, it's important to quickly place your bets before the betting option is closed. An important part of First Blood is the players in the jungle. These players play a big role for this bet. It is also important to have a general feeling for the draft, and you should try to to get an idea of how the lanes will play out and then place your bet accordingly.

  • Exact Score

    Betting on exact score is a great way of ramping up the odds compared to the traditional 1x2 system. If you have a feeling that a game will be a nail-biter, it might be a good idea to bet on 2-1 in the favor of the team you think will win (if it is a best-of-three series) to get higher odds than just betting on which team will win.

  • Time over X

    Is one of teams dominant? Is the matchup extremely close? How aggressive are the two teams?

    If you are betting on this alternative, these are the questions you should be able to answer as they are what will decide how long a game lasts. Experienced and coordinated teams have a tendency to run over teams that are new on the scene, and teams who play very aggressively have a tendency to either win fast, or lose just as fast.

Betting alternatives to avoid

  • Even/uneven number of kills

    This betting alternative has been added by betting sites since it results in them never losing money on it long-term. If you want to make money on your betting, this is something you should avoid. Despite it being 50/50 to win, the odds are not 2x the money to make sure it can't be abused. The only thing we like about this alternative is that it can be fun when watching a game with friends.

  • Number of maps team A (or B) to win

    This is in reality just a worse betting alternative than exact score. You always get better odds on 2-0 or 2-1. The only thing this betting alternative has going for it is that it can be picked if you are sure a team will win one game but not the series, but according to us, it is in most cases not worth the risk.

Winner of map 1, 2, and 3

A skillful League of Legends better can pick winners of most games, but knowing which specific map a team will win is more a matter of chance than science. We recommend to instead keeping to what is profitable long-term. Having said that, it can be fun to keep things fresh, but it is not something to do all too often.


How do you play League of Legends?

League of Legends is played five on five on a map called Summoners rift.  Each player controls a hero with the objective of destroying the enemy's base, more specifically their Nexus. The map is divided into three lanes consisting of 3 towers for each team and every 30 seconds, monsters are spawned for each team, attacking the opponents in each lane. When a player gets the last hit on a monster or a player in the opposing team, he gets experience points, allowing the hero to gain levels and unlocking new abilities. The player also gets gold that he can use on items that make the hero stronger. The max level for heroes is 18, after which they stop gaining experience.

The way teams allocate their heroes on the map varies, but the most common lineup is having 1 player in the top lane, 1 in the middle, 2 in the bottom, and 1 in jungle. The reason why heroes are allocated like this is to optimize how much gold and experience the team can gain.

Apart from the towers and Nexus, there are also three Inhibitors for both teams at the end of each lane. When a team destroy the opposing team's Inhibitor, their monsters in that lane become much stronger until the Inhibitor is recreated after five minutes. There is also a neutral dragon between the mid lane and the bottom lane that is respawned every seventh minute, giving out permanent buffs to the team that kills it, up to five times.

The greatest and most difficult, but also the most advantageous objective (apart from tearing down the opposing team's Nexus) is to kill Baron Nasher, located between the mid lane and the top lane. The team that gets the killing blow on the boss is buffed, making both heroes and monsters close to them stronger. This is a great advantage when attacking the opposing team's base.

To learn more about how League of Legends is played, we recommend that you hop onto Twitch and watch when pros are playing. You can use the knowledge you gain when betting as it can be a great source of learning. Good luck!