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PUBG betting

PlayerUnkown's Battleground, also known as PUBG, is a multiplayer online battle royale game. The game was opened for early access within the game client Steam first in March 2017 and became a immediate success. PUBG was then not even released in its full version and still already sold over 21 million copies and broke records in most number of contemporary players when 2.7 million people played at the same time. The previous record was held by Dota 2 when 1.3 million played the game at the same time.

The success of PUBG has led the game to the esport stage and several major tournaments have already begun to take place with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the prize pools. Even though 100 players are required for each game, the game has become more and more tailored to be bet on. Spectator mode has been developed to allow an audience to easily follow what happens and with so many players there is always something exciting to follow.

PUBG betting means you can bet on the game with real money on serious and authorized gaming sites. Since the game is still quite new the it's not available on all gaming companies yet, but it's still possible to bet on PUBG on Betway and GGbet.

In the list below you can see best choices for PlayerUnkown's Battleground betting.

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PUBG betting TIPS

PUBG is not only very popular and entertaining, it's also very competitive and has great esport potential. The best tip to give someone who wants to bet on PUBG is to first understand the game, play it yourself and understand how the mechanics work and interact. Many of the betting options are not only linked to which team will win but also what will happen during the game. So your understanding of the troubles and obstacles within game is going to help you understand what will happen.

Below are additional tips for those who want to bet on PUBG.

Follow teams

In the professional scene, PUBG is usually played in teams and many of the big epsort clubs have begun to gather players to create competitive teams. Since no well functioning ranking system has been implemented within the game, it's difficult to identify the most skilled players compared to how it works in CS GO where everyone knows everyone on stage and players are often get picked by playing against the elite.

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In PUBG many players are picked up directly from Twitch where their achievements can be tracked. Many players play alone but there is also opportunities when you can follow teams playing together.

PlayerUnkown’s Battleground is the first Battle Royal game to enter the esport scene and has the most players in each game compared to all other esport games.


PUBG betting alternatives

As mentioned earlier, many of the different options involve special game moments that can be difficult to predict. But this also make it very entertaining at the same time. Due to the big number of teams that can participate in each tournament, there are more teams in PUBG than in any other esport game to bet on. 

This also makes it very difficult to choose the right team, but if you done your research you will increase your chances. It should also be noted that the amount of teams makes the odds very generous and you often get more than 10x money on your bets.

Winning team

As in all other sports, you can bet on what team you think will win the tournament or game. Lower preforming, unknown or teams that is just unlikely to win will have higher odds. As mentioned earlier, there are very high odds to pick up and can give a very good profits - if you are right that is.

The number of teams participating (which also effect the odds) that play in each tournament depends on the tournament format. The most common thing is that each team consists of four players, which means there are up to 20 teams to bet on. In those tournaments where the team consists of 2 players, there are 40 teams to bet on.

There are also some tournaments that are played individually, which means that there are up to 100 teams that you can bet on, making it extremely difficult, but of course, the odds are adjusted accordingly.

Over 4.5 grenade kills / Over 4.5 headshots

Bet on over 4.5 grenade kills means you win if five players or more are killed by grenades during the game. You can as well bet that this will not happen, you then win if only 0-4 people are killed by grenades.

Just like the grenades, you can also count on whether more or less than 4.5 players will be killed by headshots which is a classic game term for shot to the head.

Both of these game options are very difficult to predict but how well you know the game and its mechanic can help you bet on the right one. Knowing the team's game style can also have an impact, for example, TSM is a team that often kills players with grenades.

First gaming company to offer PUBG betting logo

The first game igaming company to offer PUBG betting was GGbet. It was first introduced just before the official lan tournament, Gamescom Invitational 2017 as GGbet introduced PUBG among it’s esport betting options. GGbet has since then been developing and expanding the opportunity to bet on the immensely popular game and still one of the best choices for those who want to increase the excitement of the games and perhaps even earn some money.

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How to play PUBG

PUBG is basically about one thing – be the last player left. All players start each round completely without equipment in a plane flying in a straight line over the map. The direction the planet is completely random and differs for each round. After a short delay, players can choose to jump out of the plane and descend to different parts of the map.

When down on the ground it’s important to pick up equipment that will help you to survive and kill opponents. Equipment can be found in houses and cities that are located all over the map. There are many different items that players can pick up and use, including weapons, food and healing items.

After a couple of minutes, an area (from of a circle)is highlighted on the map that players need to move towards and stay within. The players who are outside the selected area will take continuous damage until they enter the circle. After a while, the area shrinks more and the process is repeated until players only can move within a few meters. The damage that is caused to players outside the selected area increases continuously for each time the area get smaller. This forces players to confront each other and move on.

Winning PUBG is not about killing most players without being the last alive player. However, due to the fact that players are forced into narrow areas it’s rare to win without killing anyone, as players often need to fight for their lives, especially at the end when the area to move within is very small.

There are two player modes in PUBG, One is called Third person and means that you can see your whole character and can look around you as well as corners with the camera. The other mode is called first person, in this mode, your view is just like in Overwatch and CS GO where you can only see your weapon. The average time for a round is 30 minutes.